Baths by Clay

Our philosophy

Clay is a bathroom furniture design/production company based in the Netherlands. Our products are 100% (hand)made to measure and manufactured in the Netherlands. To us the bathroom is not only the place where we freshen up in the morning, but also the place where we can unwind at the end of a long day. The place where we start our day and end it. A bathroom is an investment for a long period and should therefore be timeless. For these reasons, we believe that no compromise should be made on the design. The bathroom (furniture) should adapt to your wishes and not vice versa. This philosophy has led us to our unique made to measure approach.

Baths by Clay

We don’t believe in temporary trends, we believe great design should be timeless.

Baths by Clay

Design without compromise

A style that stands out, but also blends into any environment. In order to accommodate the large variety of personal tastes, we offer a wide range of different products, materials and finishes. Offering you the building blocks to create your own unique design. While you visualize your design we will pay exceptional attention to practicality and functionality.

Carefully chosen quality


By carefully choosing only the best quality materials, our products are made to last. From strong scratchproof Solid surface (Corian / Hi-Macs) to hard-wearing textured wood finishes, all of our materials are evaluated on aesthetics, flexibility and durability. Clay bathroom furniture is appealing to the eye but also capable of withstanding daily use.

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